Friday, October 14, 2011

so long summer, renovations just around the corner

I have to face it, my bathing suit may not see the light of day until next year.  With the chillier weather comes the fairly long list of projects that we want to accomplish over the extended fall/winter/rain/slush/snow/cold weather of New England.

Although the table saw and chop saw have made a lovely addition to my hallway for the last few months, I am ready to move them back into storage! 

I've found that creating an overall list is just too overwhelming, so we are just going to take it room by room.  There are a few functional things that need to be done such as nailing in the baseboards in the office/guest room and laying the flooring in the master bedroom.

as well as a few fun projects such as building a tabletop for our antique sewing machine stand and antiqueing a mirror.

So needless to say we have a busy winter ahead of us, but what better way to spend a snowy Saturday than inside with our cats with the sound of a tablesaw?

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